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Sandalwood Actors as EC ambassodors

Sandalwood Actors as EC ambassodors

The Election Commission has selected some Sandalwood actors. Aindrita Ray,Ramesh Aravind and Puneet Rajkumar are those who are going to create awareness among public to vote for the upcoming assembly elections.

As per the sources, the EC is planning to rope even television stars for the campaign.Even commission suggesting ad films and short films to influence people in the way of creating awareness to vote.

The general elections in Karnataka are fixed on May 5th with a lot of excitement.

Bigg Boss, a new experiance: Kiccha Sudeep

kiccha suddep in kannada version BigBoss reality show
Bigg Boss, a new experiance: Kiccha Sudeep

The namma Kiccha Sudeep, who is the host of Kannada version of Big Boss which started on MArch 24 is exited about the responce. He has posted a voice message on micro-blogging.

The transcript of his voice message:

"Hi, good morning, Kiccha here. Actually, I have been getting a lot of response on Bubbly and Twitter. I am very happy about how the people have received BB. Of course, the two days of shooting so far has been hectic. I was standing for almost 10-11 hours shooting continuously without a break. This is new for me because in films we have takes and retakes, but here we have to go in a flow. I also need to congratulate ETV. They have spent a lot on the show and that richness will come across onscreen. Moreover, all the contestants are very well selected and the crew and set in Pune is all very professionally done.
In fact, in the house they believe that there may not be any eliminations in the first week, but there is a surprise element. I am off to Pune tomorrow again, there will be a surprise in store and look out for the 13th contestant."

Dandupalya-2 without Title


Can anyone imagine a movie without a title??? If it so how promotions can be made? Here the director of Dandupalya is confident on his yet to release film Dandupalya2.

When we look at the history once when the Dandupalya was released, the director Srinivasa Raju confirmed that the movie would have its sequel in few months. But even after three months the sequel not yet hit screens. Coming to the reasons, the buzz is that the movie title rights were not held by the director. But the director Srinivasa Raju agreed about the changes in the title and he confidently announced that he can release the movie without title.

Varadanaayaka remake of Lakshyam on Nov-1st

Sudeep in Varadanaayaka

Aiyappa who directed the movie Varadanaayaka is ready to hit the screens on Nov-1st. Varadanaayaka is the remake version of Telugu movie Lakshyam with the lead roles Gopichand, Jagapati Babu and Anushka.

Chiranjeevi Sarja is co-star of Kiccha Sudeep in Varadanaayaka and in Kannnada version the character of Kiccha Sudeep was extended unlike the role of Jagapati Babu in Lakshyam. The movie has completed its production works and will complete post-production works soon.